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PT. PPI is proudly announce the successful R&D to produce "Medium Dense Fibre (MDF)" to the market. This new product line is the third products after the previous twin "Blockboard" and "Plywood/Multiply" that has been release last 2008. For detail specification and prices please send your request to our marketing.

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PT. PPI as wood industry relying on the continuous supply of ALBASIA FALCATTA (sengon laut) and has involved in the distribution of seeds and baby tree to the farmer for FREE. This become our social responsibility to our stake holder. And also become our program to maintain its raw material supply and help our nature stay GREEN. It is our GO-Green program. BRAVO !!



PT. Prima Parquet Indonesia is established in the year 2008 as Wood Industry to produce Blockboard and Plywood (Multiply). Located in the heart of Central of Java in the south-east part of mountain area  Merapi, Merbabu and also Lawu. This area is granted a fertil land that good for agriculture both for food plantation on the flat area, and industrial wood/tree farming (albasia falcatta) at the hill-side area.

With three industrial plants we have in Karanganyar Central Java and more than 2000 employee, PT. PPI became one of the importants wood industries in the country to supply its product for both exporting and local delivering.


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